Other Turkey-Based Blogs.

The most challenging aspect of providing a list of blogs in Turkey is how to classify them. Initially I thought I would do so by area. Turkey has eighty one provinces – how nice to be able to link to a blog or two in each province so that readers can discover more about their local area. Except as far as I can tell their aren’t expats in every area. The majority are (unsurprisingly) concentrated in Istanbul. Aside from that people list their location as their particular town rather than their province – a Fethiye blogger won’t call themselves a Muğla blogger, even though that is the province they live in. When people search for a blog I assume they will follow the same logic of looking for a blog in a specific, rather than a general, area.

Then of course there are people searching not for the general experience of life in Turkey, but for actual things – intercultural marriage, homeschooling, travel, politics, cooking, retied life in Turkey… I briefly considered classifying these blogs under subject headings. However the vast majority are lifestyle blogs, which happen to include elements of those other things, – they are a filter for the whole rather than a specific focus.

So I have made my list in order of (the bloggers self-described) geographical area, and combined it with a brief description of the blog itself. It is not a complete list by any means. I haven’t included any blogs that haven’t been updated since 2013, or blogs where the author has left Turkey. I was tempted though. What if people wanted to read about life in Turkey as a nanny, or a wine connoisseur, or as a belly dancer? Or find out about the experience of building an eco-home, or buying a regular home; or what it’s like to send your kids to a Turkish village school, or what it is like to be gay in Turkey? The expat community tends to be transitory – people move on and blogs disappear. You can find out more about people’s old stories on the expat-blog directory and similarly named expatsblog list and on the blogroll of any of the blogs below. Blogs based in Istanbul are at the end of the list as there were just so many of them.

I hope this information is useful and helps you make sense of your own journey. If I’ve missed a blog you think should be included, tell me and I’ll add it.




EarthLaughs in Flowersa well written, fairly factual break down of life in Turkey. She produces an excellent cost of living guide each year.



Adventures in Ankara Thoughtful posts about culture, politics, and life in the capital.

Far from the Sticks An American in Ankara – insights into the city, the culture, and life married to a Turkish man.



Ellen in Turkey A  lawyer turned opera singer, living and blogging about life in Antalya and her adventures around Turkey.



Canim Benim A Dutch expat living with her Turkish husband and currently chronicling her pregnancy.



Back to Bodrum Gentle posts about life in Bodrum interspersed with memories of the town 30 years ago, and forays into the rest of Turkey.

Crazy Train to Tinky Town This blog is worth checking out for the honeymoon stories   – jilted at the altar the author went on her previously planned honeymoon to Turkey and found love. Due to family commitments the author is mostly based in the UK now, but still updates her blog regularly and entertainingly.



Captivating Cappadocia The everything-you-could-ever-need-to-know about Cappadocia blog.

Turkey From the Inside Written by Pat Yale – probably the most experienced professional writer in Turkey, this blog has insights into her life in a Göremli cave house and links to her comprehensive area guides of Turkey.



Sobesan.com Life as a single (Dutch) woman in Turkey, working as a diving instructor it is alternative, lively and honest.

Turkeywithstuffin Possibly the best lifestyle blog in Turkey, she perfectly balances her strong feminist independence with having married into a lively, traditional Kurdish family.   Worth reading, worth buying the book.



Pixie in Choos A long term writer and expat in Fethiye, founder of the towns stich ‘n’ bitch knitting group, this is her blog.

To Fethiye and Beyond Optimistic and lively, the author is the second person I interviewed for the project.

Turkey’s for Life Considered the definitive blog on Fethiye it is a mixture of local reviews, travel tips, event calendar, Fethiye spor football team updates and Turkey-wide travel impressions.

Fethiye Fogies  Self described as “the exploits of two old wrinkleys who left England to start a new life in Uzumlu” – a great one to read if you are considering becoming an expat retiree.

Living the Turkish Dream The author is one of those people others tut about – an Essex girl who met a Turkish waiter on a holiday in Fethiye when she was just 19 and moved over to be with him. Three years on they are still going strong. She is a strong positive woman loving life in Turkey (despite the earthquakes) and blogging regularly on her life here.



Never miss an opportunity A Canadian family blogging about their life in a village by the sea. They homeschool their children, this is covered in a separate blog



Izmir Blog. Full of tips and reviews for life in Izmir, this blog also offers some opinions of politics and culture of Turkey as a whole.



Cukurbagli’s Blog – My Life in Turkey  A blog by a man living a simple life of adventure on a mountain with his dogs.



5 Years My Brain Hurts A Lot This blog is only active during the summer when the British author returns to Mersin with her children and Turkish husband. It is a no-holds-barred account of life, and culture in a conservative area.

Janey in Mersin  Janey is an Australian married to a Turk living in Mersin. Her blog is irreverent , accurate and hilarious no one sums up life in the summer better than she did in her post Satan Called – He Wants His Weather Back



Ayak’s Turkish Life The author of this blog is extremely concerned with animal welfare, she makes no secret of it. Unusually for a blog-with-a-cause she also manages to write beautiful entertaining pieces about life in Turkey without making you feel manipulated at every turn. Worth checking out.



The Diary of a Thirty something British Socialite in Turkey A thirty something long term expat (she arrived when she was sixteen) finding herself, growing up, and having a few drinks along the way.


Okçular (Mugla)

Archers of Okçular A long term blog about life, culture, and helping the community in a  small village in Mugla there is an off-shoot current events blog that doesn’t pull any punches



Pul Biber (with Everything) This regularly updated blog is written by two retirees from London, biking, travelling, and adventuring in Turkey.



Aysu Love Kirsty on life, love, and depression in Turkey. She writes infrequent but refreshingly honest posts.


? Everywhere and nowhere, travelling all the time

Libertine Log An American in turkey traveling around by boat and road, chronicling her adventures

Turkish Travel Blog The definitive blog for travel and discovery in turkey, mixed with a raw honesty and a constant fearlessness, this is the blog to read if you have itchy feet and want a holiday that goes beyond the usual tourist trap towns.


Almost in turkey…

Culture Every Day This blog seeks to be a resource for expats, especially those in intercultural marriages. It has an excellent (and highly addictive) “hamam” section where expats post anonymously about their thoughts on intercultural marriage and life abroad.

Slowly by Slowly Chronically the journey of a multicultural marriage, the author writes thoughtfully about her life, her opinions, and the voices in her head.



Turkey File This blog tries very hard to be balanced, but doesn’t shy away from talking politics. The posts are long, well researched and thought provoking – it’s a place to go for an intelligent point of view on world politics, the middle east, and Turkish culture.

TurkEish of a Southern BelleA diary style blog written by a south African ESL teacher in Istanbul.  Amusing posts about cultural confusion.  Including ‘the one about the hair cut,’ and the one where her anti-Muslim house mate finally realised the blog author is a Muslim.

Expat+Harem A multi-author blog and an off shoot from the extremely popular “Tales from the Expat Harem” book. This blog is Istanbul centred but includes stories from life all around Turkey

Carpet Blogger A lively, off-beat blog centred on Istanbul, it has the rare distinction of actually telling you something new about the place on a regular basis.

Sretan Put Beautiful photos of life in Turkey – stunning  but lacking any explanation or place setting beyond their tags.

The Daily Dilk An eclectic photo rich blog by an American mother living in Istanbul

Empty Nest Expat When the kids went to college she went to try out life abroad – intelligent and thoughtful insights about the experience of being an American expat.

The Turkish Life An American writer and environmental activist in Istanbul. She embraces life in Turkey with the warm exuberance of a puppy

Bazaar Bayar An American-Turkish couple with a passion for Turkey’s thriving and extremely talented cottage industry workers – they sell and discuss the best in local design

Suzi 9 MMAn expat from Finland chronicles her life in Turkey (both languages)

Food blogs based in Istanbul

Eat With Me İstanbul A blog of food adventures.  An online lifestyle, cook-book adventure where you get to know the author, the food, and how to make something exquisite from the rather limited number of ingredients available in Turkey – foraged nettle leaf ravioli anyone?

Istanbul Eats A highly acclaimed food blog, sampling everything from curb side vendors to high class restaurants. They also offer the “culinary backstreets” food walk.

A Seasonal Cook in TurkeyA wildly popular food blog bursting at the seams with recipes and insights into life in Istanbul



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